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Pipe Insulation

Size Charts

Use the charts shown below to determine what size fiberglass pipe insulation to order.  There are two charts, each for different types of piping.  The Copper Pipe chart is for copper piping only and the Iron Pipe chart is for most non-copper piping (Iron, Black, PVC, CPVC, Schedule 40 / 80 etc).

The charts list the pipe size, the outside diameter measurements of the pipe, the circumferences around the pipe, and the size to order.

The size to order in the "ORDER THIS SIZE" column is listed with an "x" next to it.  Our store lists the pipe size first and then the insulation thickness second.  For example 5/8 x 1 fits a 5/8" copper pipe with 1" of insulation.  5/8 x 2 fits a 5/8" copper pipe with 2" of insulation.

If you have any questions about what size to order, please give us a call at 1-888-365-4364 or email us at customerservice@fiberglasspipeinsulation.com

Iron Pipes

Copper Pipes
iron-chart.png copper-chart.png


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