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PVC 45 Degree Elbow Covers are used to insulate 45 degree pipe elbows.  Each fitting comes with a sized fiberglass insert which is a die-cut fiberglass blanket.  The fiberglass insert is wrapped around the elbow ensuring that all of the pipe is covered by insulation.  The PVC Fitting Cover is a premolded plastic one piece cover that fits around both ends of the fiberglass pipe insulation and overlaps on the inside seam.  The inside seam of the PVC Fitting Cover can be closed one of three ways:

1.) Use serrated stainless steel King Tacks which are pressed through the overlapping pieces of the fitting cover and will hold them securely.
2.) Use PVC Vinyl Z-Tape to seal the fitting cover to the fiberglass pipe insulation.
3.) Use Proto One PVC Adhesive to glue the seams of the fitting cover.
*Tacks, Vinyl Tape, and Adhesive are sold seperately.

Please refer to the chart shown above in the images for sizing.

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